Nightsass is an AK-wielding ex-rockstar played by Kaitlyn "kaitlyn" Richelle YouTube logo Twitter logo-c Twitch logo[1].

Appearance Edit

In 2050, Nightsass generally wears elbow-length gloves and a black tanktop or dress[1]. In 2051 her outfit is similar, but includes a jacket with spikes and studs[2].


Nightsass has been largely forgotten in the UCAS, but still has a sizable following in Japan[3].

Personality Edit

Nightsass believes fame is the most important thing, and is absolutely convinced that she is still famous, despite all evidence to the contrary[1].

After her experiences in the Tokyo underworld, Nightsass becomes paranoid, fearing that criminal elements are still seeking to kill her [4]. This paranoia gives her a new intensity and focus.

Nightsass's GuitarEdit

Nightsass uses her guitar as a storage case, stowing guns, clothing, many other things inside it[5].

Debt to the MafiaEdit

During her musical career, Nightsass promised the Mafia that she would write a song for them, but ended up writing one about herself instead. Consequently, the Mafia consider her to be in debt to them[6].

Rivalry with R41nb0wEdit

Nightsass has a rivalry with the better-known musician, R41nb0w. To shame R41nb0w, Nightsass refuses to admit to knowing her. At one point, her dedication to this particular burn extends to her asking R41nb0w who she is while beating her up on stage[7].

Relationship with KenjiEdit

Nightsass enters into a romantic relationship with Kenji Takahashi, a major shareholder in Fujihara Technical Concern. Nightsass meets Kenji while surveiling him as part of a job Bomb Threat accepts from Akiko Nakamoto, but quickly comes to sympathize with him[8].

Relationship with Mister ExtremeEdit

At Kenji's Ikebukuro House, Nightsass meets Mister Extreme, a small home-assistant robot. She takes such a liking to Mr. Extreme that, after CODENAME: THE DATE, she brings him back to Seattle and converts him into her personal drone[9].

Circles RollsEdit

Episode Number of Successes NPC Introduced Timestamp Link
2 2 Andrew [10]
11 2 Borris [11]
12 0 None [12]
17 1 Kyosuke Watanabe [13]
19 1 None [14]

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